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But your blog is glorious! And I always take a look at it when I feel blue because Cockles makes me so happy as well as your posts and headcanons (which I happen to have accepted, more than half of them tbh ^^) and also the comments you add, I just never told you because I’m too shy to bring my ass forth and leave you messages, but I watch your blog from a short distance and you’re definitely doing it right! :)

U have a little crush on me and my blog don’t u???? ^^ It’s so endearing ^^ But we could chat sometimes, we could exchange headcanons and fangirl over cockles, u don’t need to be shy with me (I’m kinda a bit shy too ^^) but if u feel like writin to me sometimes I’d be very happy :)

Okay folks there’s some real science in that graph as you can see:



CONFIRMED: Cockles improves everything. #Supernatural #TopTweet



Somehow, he ended up on Tumblr. 

Curiosity getting the better of him, he guided his mouse over to the tag box in the upper right hand corner, his fingers hovering expectantly over the keyboard.  He chewed on his bottom lip and then, without thinking too much about it, he typed in the word ‘cockles’. 

A hundred different things popped up on the screen, blocks of text, color gifsets.  He snorted softly as he began to browse through the information, at all the things the internet had found, claiming that there was some kind of relationship between him and Jensen.  There was a post about the ring that Jensen had given him, and something else about their time spent in Rome.  He blushed as he remembered the details of that trip, something that he would hold close to his heart for as long as he lived. 

His mouse hovered over a gifset, one of him and Jensen on stage at various events.  In each gif, he noticed that he had unconsciously reached up and rubbed the back of his neck, all the while staring at Jensen as though he had put the sun in the sky.  He sucked in a breath and chewed on his bottom lip, blinking in the dim light of the room.  He had never noticed that he did that around him.  Frowning, he moved on to another gifset, this time, one of him laughing around Jensen.  He found himself smiling at his own face, at the warmth and love that radiated from his every movement. 

“Wow…I’ve got it bad…” he murmured to himself.  He scrubbed a hand across his chin and sighed. 

Next to him, Jensen stirred.  He opened one eye and stared up at Misha.   

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You are the undisputed Queen of Cockles and one of my follow forevers! 💖💖💖

*bow bow* thanks thanks, u’ll make me blush like that… (btw if u have a follow forever send me the link so I can post it ^^)

Dude, I might have fangirled a little bit (and by a little bit I mean I’m making seal noises here ^^) No seriously, your blog is my favourite Cockles blog out there. ^^

U’re too kind, I try my best and I always think it’s not enough :) But ppl like u makes me think I’m not doin so bad after all :) Thanks again, really :)


My Tumblr Crushes:amaelangel
Remember when this blog was strictly for rping rather than my own entertainment? Yeah, me neither.

It’s always an honor and a pleasure ^^ Thanks ^^


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Remember when this blog was strictly for rping rather than my own entertainment? Yeah, me neither.

It’s always an honor and a pleasure ^^ Thanks ^^

I think ... that the ratio of J / M, Jensen began. I mean .... he met Jensen Misha and his world took a big turn. Jensen Misha began to see as a romantic interest.Misha also think at first I thought it was all a game. Until I saw the real feelings of Jensen.

It wasn’t easy to understand your message at first but I think I got the general concept ^^

And I mostly agree, Misha is naturally flirty so at the beginning he was probably flirting with Jensen more as a joke but I think there was anyway a subtle attraction and when Jensen understood his attraction for Misha too things really started to…heat up ^^ If u know what I mean ^^




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I find it adorable how when Jensen was being interviewed, he was deadly serious, his face was really like, stern and shit. But then when Misha kissed him, his face instantly lifted, and he didn't even turn at first to see who it was, he probably already knew. But then the fact he looked at Misha, turned away but turned back to look at Misha again is so adorable:3


I guess u mean this ^^

Yes, truth to be told what I really find “revealing” is the fact that he starts to blush and smile even before turning and see Misha, that means he already knew who it was and that can only mean that it wasn’t the first time that happened ^^ So Misha is used to kiss him behind the ear? ^^

Is not just endearing, is a proof ^^ (at least IMO)