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"We have five minutes," Jensen breathes against Misha’s lips; Misha growls acknowledgement and kisses him again.  They settle for the wet drag of lips and fingers twisted in one another’s clothing, hips finding a steady rhythm to grind together in the empty, out of the way room they discovered just yesterday.

Jensen wants to tangle his fingers in Misha’s hair, twist and tug until he’s moaning with pleasure.  He wants to suck at the pulse point on Misha’s throat until he can feel the surge of blood beneath.  Instead, he bites at Misha’s lower lip and drags his teeth because it leaves nothing to explain.  

Misha’s hand slips inside his jacket, grabbing at his t-shirt and tugging insistently, but Jensen stops him short of untucking it. He pushes Misha’s body harder against the wall and kisses him slow and deep until he forgets about Jensen’s skin and pulls away, panting.  Eyes closed, they nuzzle, reeling themselves back in.

"We should probably get back," Misha whispers a moment later, stealing another teasing kiss.

"Yeah," Jensen agrees, breathless as he slowly untangles himself from Misha, pressing one last chaste kiss to Misha’s chin.  He turns and leans back against the wall beside Misha to catch his breath.  Aware - as always - of perceptions of propriety, he shoos Misha toward the door with a rough-voiced, "Go ahead. I’ll be there in a minute."


Okay…more Cockles!
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For Cockles Week I’ve thought, since no one ever promotes my blog, to make… a SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION! :D

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