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I thought it was odd the way Jensen kept telling everyone he had to apologize to Misha after the day of pranking him, so….


Jensen apologized to Misha the day after the day of the day-long pranks. In fact, he apologized twice. He’s been apologizing at every con since then in a round-about kind of way, by telling the story about how he apologized.

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omg the amount of stupidity. Jensen would rather have a stroke than being gay

Oh look! Got hate! After months without hate I unblocked destielprofoundbond and all of a sudden I get hate again! (x) Surprise surprise! Welcome back to my block list and welcome a signal for harassment too ^^

I keep givin ppl second and third chances and that’s what I get… I’ll ever learn? -.-

Ciao, sapresti dirmi quando escono i Bloopers della nona stagione di Supernatural? Ti ringrazio in anticipo :)

Non saprei, sono stata molto fuori dal giro della nona stagione :P But maybe one of my followers know…

When will the bloopers of the ninth season will come out?

Thanks to who can answer :)

E scusa se non sono stata molto d’aiuto ^^


@dottweets, from TV Guide SDCC edition

#tbh when i heard he was looking at old episodes #i thought he was taking some advice or some sorts from when misha directed (via candycornrats)
omg this makes it so much better ;__;

July 18, 2014 - Jensen Ackles attends the 2014 TCA Summer Press Tour

Misha Collins alphabet: Jensen Ackles

Jensen, in Variety